Violin and Colourstrings Lessons

Violin lessons are offered at the Eastman Academy of Music for children from the age of 4 to adult learners.

We teach the 4 year olds in small groups and more information about these classes can be found at The course for this age group is Colourstrings.


Colourstrings for 3 year olds onwards:

Eastman Academy of Music offers a Prep Colourstrings course. This is for the year previous to a child starting the colourstrings violin course.  The Prep Colourstings course that must be completed by the children in the year before they start in Colour Strings violin course. It is essential that children have develeped basic skills of music, singing in tune, clapping and naming rhythmic concepts, identifying high and low pitch, security of the songs from violin tutor book etc. This course is the foundation needed to ensure children are successful when they actually start playing the violin. 

 The Prep course is $225 for each 8 week term.


Children then move on to the Colourstrings Violin course in the year they have turned 4 by the 1st of January. The Colourstrings violin course is a course run each term of the year for 8 lessons per term. The cost is $250 per 10 week term, the materials fee for the book is $65 and is additional to the tuition fees. The materials book is compulsory and an essential part of the course. The matereials book will last for a minimum of four terms.

Please email Caryn or phone 0422 909 266 for further details of class times. 



Individual lessons are also available .


Lessons include the foundation skills of music, reading, writing, listening, sight reading, technic and repertoire.

Students can learn for pleasure or may become invovled in our exam program through Anzca. More information about this is available at Caryn Eastman is an examiner with Anzca and strongly believes in the benefits of the exam program for goal setting and confident development of the skill of instrumental playing..



If you have any questions please contac me on and I will be happy to help you with your questions.